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Not so funny Friday

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Well I don’t have much to report for Funny Friday. 😦 This week we’ve all been sick and literally just laying around. The kids are very cranky, and quite honestly, so is mommy. πŸ˜‰

Β The newest thing this week though is that Dylan has developed his own language of sorts. He whispers to us “I have a secret for you. Tell mommy/daddy (depends on which one of us he is talking to) that they are a ______” and he says the most odd things. “whackytooerwomp” or “bumpywonkerpants” hahaha! Okay so that has been pretty funny. He is making up all kinds of words like that and Jake and I think it’s hilarious. πŸ˜†

There has been a fair amount of dancing this week too. πŸ˜‰ I was feeling guilty about all the movies they were watching (remember, we are sick and laying around) so I would make sure the TV was off for a period of time with music on and they’d dance around the living room. Obviously they were feeling a bit better than me, b/c I just sat and watched. I love to watch them be creative and dance around. So cute.

Β Owen is STILL not interested in eating food. 😦 He screams his little head off to the point of hysteria and then is so upset he can’t hardly be consoled. 😦 I give up. I don’t know what to do about the food. Last night though, we had steak with mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, corn and green beans. I gave O everything but the steak and he mashed it around on his tray. He did manage to put some of it in his mouth, but he wasn’t too happy with it. He spit it right back out. Is that progress? I don’t know. All I know is he is almost 8 months old and NOT eating solids yet. *sigh*

Tomorrow my wonderful mom is taking all THREE boys for the day so Jake and I can get some stuff done for the move. The garage is only halfway done and we still have a lot of boxes of stuff to take to goodwill. And toys….TOYS we have so many toys we are getting rid of but goodwill won’t don’t take them. They stopped taking toys when all the toy recalls happened. So I have a ton of toys to find a home for. 😦 And maternity clothes. Oh do I ever have maternity clothes. Since August 2003, I have been pregnant 27 months total. I have hit every season there is. You name it, I have it. And in every size too. Lots to go through. *sigh*

Well I think that’s enough babble today. I have my nieces today so it’sΒ a full house around here. Plus, I’m pretty sure the boys are OUT of clothes to wear. πŸ˜‰ Yes, I need to do laundry.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and stays away from the sickies.

Oh and Ed, I’m watching you. 😯 πŸ˜‰


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  1. Kambrie didnt really start on solids until 8 months. Is she picky? Yes… but I think that has more to do with genetics than me starting her late. I wouldnt stress it. As you know, being the mother of three, potty training and food issues are the two things we have no control over.

  2. Well of course she’s picky. She wouldn’t be a Hawkins if she wasn’t picky. hahaha! πŸ˜† heehee

    Ah yes, potty training. I forgot to tell you, Aidan has been taking his diaper off A LOT lately and he says “I have to go potty in da bafwomb” and he stands at the toilet and leans his waist AGAINST the toilet (haha!:lol:) and then says “I can’t doooo it” heehee So funny.

    I miss you! We need to “hook up” online sometime soon! πŸ˜‰ LYS!

  3. Just think if you got pregnant one more time that would be 36 months – 3 years – that would be 1/2 way to 72 months 6 years – you would only have 8 kids. Of course your mind may be gone by then but think of all the “funny Fridays” you would have just being Pregnant – 6 yr.s X 52 = 312!

  4. Bran that was still funny! Little boys are great for making up words, and having contagious laughter! My son cracks me up most of the time, and when he is sick he is little again. We are all starting to feel better and praying that you are too. slightly bumming about your move..did you all hear I was coming to Oregon for 10 days this summer, and it made you all move!! 😯 love you girl!! where ya moving too..maybe closer to me??

  5. Darla, she’s moving to Minot, North Dakota. So a little closer to you!

    Okay, Bran, I am exhausted after reading this. Honestly, although I often miss the days my kids were your age…when I read this stuff I am so thankful for the stage mine are in right now. Each new year has been my favorite…so far!

    Love you!

  6. Darla, where do you live?? I don’t even know! haha! And I am WAY bummed that you are coming this summer and I am not going to be here. The chance to meet a blogging friend IRL would be so cool! πŸ˜€ We are coming back this summer actually, to get our trailer, we just don’t know when. I am feeling a bit better. Yesterday I felt REALLY good, and today I am just so-so. It’s the coughing that has really got me. EW. I am glad you are starting to feel better too. This cold stuff is NASTY. 😯

    Tam, it IS exhausting! πŸ˜† I hope that each new year is my favorite. I try to imagine them when they are older and wonder if they will still need the cuddles like they need them now. I hope so. πŸ˜‰ Hope you’re feeling better!

  7. live in PA…and they do still love cuddles when they are older, just not as often…but when they do…the very best hugs ever!!!!!

    I still have the cough hanging on too…but my energy level is back..or was that the extra coffee today..either way its working for me! πŸ™‚

  8. Hey,
    Hang in there! Logan is sick too and I am certain Luke is going to catch his cold. So many people are sick I think I will just stay home for a while. I would love to see you sometime. Let’s try and set something up soon.
    Love ya!


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