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McKenna & Naomi *Sisters*Me and NaomiI know this is supposed to be “wordless” but I have to explain a bit. The girls are my neices (McKenna and Naomi) and the man at the bottom is my grandpa. Those are pics of Aidan and Dylan with him Thanksgiving 06. Also, I haven’t QUITE figured out the picture resizing thing yet, so please, forgive the sloppyness. McKenna SueMe & McKenna SueBUSTED!Dylan LukasOwen IsaacAidan JamesAidan and PapaDylan and Papa


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  1. So cute! It still amazes me how fast the boys are growing up!

  2. What happy smiling faces. Your grandpa seems to really like holding his grandchildren.

    You have a great family. Of course I don’t know if they are always this happy when the camera isn’t pointed at them. 🙂

  3. Oh no Ed, they are not always this happy! haha! In fact, today is a baaaaaaaaad day. 😦 Can’t wait for Jake to get home!

    That is the ONLY time my grandpa has seen them. 😦 He has never seen Owen. I hope one day we can go visit so he can see all three of them. He lives in OK. When we lived in Missouri we would see him quite regularly, but that was before kids. He and his wife read my blog, so I thought they’d enjoy the pictures. 😀

  4. Being a grandpa is so special! You will be a grandma before you know it! Not trying to rush it, but it is just around the corner! Very nice pics.

  5. That would be the ultimate for me, living long enough to see my grandkids and greatgrandkids! 😀

  6. You all do have some of the cutest kids around Bran!!

    McKenna is a doll! How is Casey?


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