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What is it about babies?

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Without fail, everytime Owen is sleeping he INSTANTLY wakes up when any of these things happen:

 The house is quiet

I fall asleep

The older two go to sleep

I make a phone call

I get a phone call

I sit down to pay bills

Jake and I start….a conversation

Or when the whole house is quiet and I have it to myself to watch one of my favorite shows. That’s right, American Idol is on. Now. And what is Owen doing? No longer sleeping. Nope, he is eating, and when he is done he will be a ball of energy until about 1a.m. My little night owl. 😉 And night owl daddy is gone til tomorrow. *sigh*

Okay, just had to get that off my chest. Off to watch my show now. I am an AI fanatic btw. I’m even doing a Fantasy American Idol 2008.  hahaha!! I’m such a geek 😯


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  1. we’re having issues like that right now with the boy, but i can’t complain too much. i don’t think he’s woken up once during LOST.

    but we do our best to keep things consistent when he’s asleep — like if there’s music playing, to keep it playing or if it’s quiet, to keep it quiet — but he’ll still wake up randomly.

    it’s a good reason to go give him a hug during the night, though! 🙂

  2. I have the same trouble taking a nap. But when mama lays by my side or gives me a kiss, i get contented real quick! Yep, mama spoils me!

  3. Oh yes, this kid IS spoiled! haha! Daddy is gone so he had me and the bed all to himself last night. He’s been sleeping with us ever since the sweet potato incident and the hospital stay. I plan on breaking him of that habit after the move.

    Owen is definately spoiled with loves. I have a feeling he is going to be the ultimate mama’s boy. 😉 That’s okay by me. 😆


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