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Dylan and Aidan are playing with the cardboard tubing from a paper towel role and Dylan held it up to his eye and said “ARRR Matey!” and I said “buddy you crack me up!” and that reminded me of something…..
A few weeks ago he kept saying to us “You crack! You crack me!” and that was all. We couldn’t figure out why he was saying that until one day I said “You crack me up!” and then I realized….. “YOU CRACK” is his “you crack me up” hahaha! So funny the way their little brains work.
Oh my gosh, right now they are playing “baseball” with the tubing and a squishy ball and Dylan is telling Aidan “throw it on the bat! ON THE BAT! You gotta throw it ON the bat!” hahahaha! Oh my gosh. I said “no bud, I think you are supposed to hit it with the bat” heehee
Okay that’s all. I need to do this more often b/c I have a feeling once we get to Minot, the grandparents might start reading the blog to catch up on the kiddos. 😉


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  1. I laughed hysterically a year ago when my two year old daughter picked up the phrase “I see boobies.” She also new it embarrassed her mom, so she was sure to yell it quite loudly when they made trips to Wal-mart. I seriously don’t know where she learned that phrase.

  2. That reminds me of a story from last summer when I was 9 months pregnant…. my 20 month old stuck his hand down my shirt when I said “where’s the baby?” heehee

    Kids are so funny! I love how they KNOW what will be embarrassing to us. 😉

  3. grandparents.. yes! that’s why i started my blog


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