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Cutest PG gal ever!

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Okay so one picture is a bit blurry, but the bump is hard to miss! ;o) WHY was I never this cute pg?? I mean, we have the same parents so you’d think we could do SOMETHING alike…. goodness knows we don’t LOOK alike! HA! No really, she is too cute pg…she can even still wear a two piece and get away with it! No stretch marks OR flabby arms, and she still has legs to boot! 😛 She is due any day now…. her EDD isn’t until th 12th of September, but she has already made quite a bit of progress!
Just had to post this cute pic of her! 😀

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  1. Shouldn’t the title of this post have been “Fluff”?

    Jut kidding, she is a doll. I gotta go by Caffe Diem to say hey.

  2. She would LOVE that! She is always telling me when she sees you guys in there. 🙂 She loves visitors!

  3. she popped out finally! incredible! she is cute! but so were you pg silly!


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