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When did the days get shorter???

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Hmmm, so I have been LAAAAAAAAME lately and haven’t been able to find the time to blog. It seems like once we get the boys in bed I have to feed Owen shortly after that and then I have to get him settled into bed and by then I just want to SIT and not worry about a kid for a while, and then before I know it, it’s midnight and I am tired and wanting to go to bed, but it’s time to feed Owen again by then.

I feel so overwhelmed lately. I feel like my “duties” around here have multiplied and I have NO time to do them all. On top of that Jake and I are doing some counseling “maintenance” so some issues have come up there that I am trying to work on for the benefit of our marriage and I feel stressed out b/c I can’t possibly keep up. I fail somewhere. I feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything required of me. It’s times like these when I sort of “check out” and don’t do anything, but I’ve learned that that just makes me feel worse. Soooo, I have been trying to maintain some sort of order around here, but I have yet to get a schedule going for the fam. While I have been able to KIND OF keep up, I haven’t been able to work on other things that need attention. I just feel like I am falling behind.

I know that once we get more settled with Owen and once he starts sleeping more I will feel more like myself again. I mean, I feel fine now, I just have NO energy and NO drive. To top it off, Owen has decided to start FUSSING constantly. This after I raved about how good he was and how he never cried for no reason. I should have just kept my mouth shut. Or knocked on wood, or something. LOL

We should be finding out where we are going sometime in the next two weeks. Jake says he should have his orders by then. I feel like a lot hinges on that for us. Not sure why, but I do. I just want to move forward and be able to PLAN and I can’t until I know where and when we are moving. Right now it’s probably the biggest thing we talk about…. moving, what we will take, what we will sell, when we will clean out the garage and have a yard sale, whether we want mom to go with us to help or not, what time of year we will move (b/c we MAY have some say in that due to a few details…), leaving the trailer until next summer, all that kind of stuff. It’s nice to plan but stressfull when you can’t OFFICIALLY plan anything……. it’ll be nice to know, no matter where it is.

Dylan has been getting more and more difficult. I blame myself for it b/c at one point a while ago I went through this thing with him where I wanted him to learn to tell us how he felt instead of acting out…and now it’s backfired in a BAD way. “I mad at YOU!!!” “I don’t want you to talk to me!” “I just have a bad day, I don’t want to!” When we tell him “no” or that he can’t do something he says “Yes, I just want to do that!” I swear I have created a monster. Now I am trying to do damage control and break him of all of that. He is getting mouthy.

Aidan keeps putting food up his nose too!! What is WITH this kid?! Tonight Kim brought us a yummy chicken fajita dish for dinner and I cut up the chicken for the boys and Aidan shoved chicken up his nose! I saw him start to and I said “AIDAN NO!” and he he crammed it up there as fast as he could. I thought “no freaking way are we taking him to the ER again for food up his nose” so I went and got the tweezers. I put him in a headlock and tried to grab the chicken. Well whatever I did tickled his nose and he coughed/sneezed at the same time and it FLEW out of his nose thank goodness. I don’t know what I am going to do about him and the food up his nose. ?????

Tomorrow I am taking Owen to my lactation consultant so she can see how much he is getting at a time. She weighs him before he eats and then weighs him after and can see how much he got. He just isn’t eating in a way that I am comfortable with. He will eat for like 5 minutes and then fall asleep or spit it (me) out and not eat anymore. Sometimes he’ll eat a bit more on the other side, but not really. He keeps falling asleep and if he doesn’t fall asleep he just spits it out and decides to not eat anymore. I don’t get it. He can’t POSSIBLY be that good of an eater at 3 weeks. I just want peace of mind that he is getting enough to eat. I mean, he is obviously gaining weight, he’s grown out of an outfit already and he pees and poops normally, but I just can’t imagine that he is getting enough in five minutes. So, I hope that tomorrow I will feel better about he is eating.

Not much else going on so far this week…. I think we want to try to clean out the garage this weekend. I need to talk to mom and see if she would be willing to take the boys on Saturday for a bit so we can get the bulk of it done then without having to worry about them as distractions. That way we can get it done in one day. I love cleaning out the garage actually. I hate a messy garage and right now ours is AWFUL. You can barely walk around in it.

OHHHH, something funny I can’t believe I forgot. Now it is too late to give the horrific details but basically I FELL on my hands and knees in church on Sunday while everyone was sitting down. I was walking down the isle to our seat up front and I had Owen in the baby sling and when I got to the very front I FELL and let out this LOUD yelp. I don’t know how I fell or why but I did, and oh my word was it embarrassing. It was embarrassing and funny. I can’t believe I ate it in front of the entire church WHILE Tom was up talking and introducing someone. Why couldn’t I have fallen when everyone was standing up singing??? Good grief…. really it is quite commical, but at the same time, still embarrassing. Anyway, that was the most excitement this week.

We’re boring. LOL


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  1. Holy Crap…not much going on!

    I just encourage you to take one day at a time. Obviously, when the Bible declares that there are enough worries for today, that ohrase comes to light right now.

    I am praying for your kids. They are full of energy and personality and life. I am praying that you and Jake as parents know how to direct all of that energy. You have given them to the Lord, let Him do the changing, just be faithful.

    I hate the fact that you guys are moving. We will miss you. I am sure there is a ton to think through, but you’ve got a lot of people around here that are ready to help. Use us!

    I won’t say anything about you falling in church…I think I’ve already said enough 🙂

  2. Oh boy! Ok, take a breath! I echo everything that Brent said. There isn’t much you can do about when you receive your orders, which is hard b/c you have to rely on someone else. I have friends and family who have lived and still live that life and I just encourage you to try and go with the flow. It’s so hard not knowing though.

    Simone used to fall asleep while I nursed her too…I had to keep a wet washcloth nearby and wipe her feet with it everytime she fell asleep nursing. It was a drag and it didn’t help thatt I was getting the “baby blues” too at the time.

    I am constantly reminded of a quote I heard a while ago and I have been reminded of it since Marcus came along:

    “When you find yourself overwhelmed with life you will also find yourself underwhelmed with God” Basically He is in control.

    Btw, was that yelp you??? I didn’t see you go down but I saw when they guy was helping you up…Good thing Owen was in the sling…you can always say that you were hit by the Holy Spirit! LOL

  3. Tam and I were cracking up that some guy helped you up and Jake kind of just sat there like…”there she goes again…”

  4. oh my word! Okay, at first B you made me cry, and then Cheryl you made me laugh! AH HA HA!!!

    Something else embarrassing…Cheryl I didn’t know you went to TRF and when you said “was that yelp you?” my mouth dropped!! AH HA HA!!!

    And yes, my night and shining armor husband was sitting there with his mouth gaping and his eyes bulging. heehee It would have been more embarrassing for him to stand up in front of everyone to help me than it was for me to fall. LOL This whole thing completely cracks me up!!

  5. Ya, I go to Tablerock and I didn’t know it was you either until you mentioned it…in fact we were in the same section just a couple of rows back…so next embarassing question…how long have you been going to TRF?

  6. ah ha ha! Cheryl I am cracking up at this whole thing. Wonderful, you got “front row” look at my fall basically. heehee

    I’ve been going to TRF since I was 15,when we were at Hope, and then followed with all of the transitions and different locations. I left for 3 years after I got married when we moved to Missouri, but when we moved back home 3 years ago we started back again.
    I met B&T when I was 15 too. 🙂

  7. You met then when you were 15! Sheesh! How old were they, 20?…We’ve been going for 5 1/2 years, I think. We got married in 2001 and I moved up here from Redding (long distance relationship for a year and a half). so we didn’t start attending until sometime in the summer of 01…hmmm, so I’m thinking it has been 6 years now.

  8. you started attending right after I got married and moved to Missouri! 🙂
    We got married in May of ’01.

  9. So did we…May 26th, 2001


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